Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is the revolutionary process of leveraging Digitial technologies to promote businesses through increased customer engagement, and channelize that to drive sustainable and profitable revenue growth across various social platforms.

In a fast evolving landscape like Digital marketing, it is essential to have the right mix of tools and strategy, in alignment with your mission and vision, to develop marketing plans that attract and retain customers.

Euodias brings to the table years of experience and expertise in Digital marketing, exposure to diverse industry verticals and a keen sense of business acumen to develop a perfect strategy to maximize customer engagement and deliver great ROI for your business.

Euodias develops competitive and well researched marketing strategies to help navigate your potential customers through the Consideration stage and convert them into leads for your products and services.
Euodias is proficient at identifying buyer personas, evaluate their needs, promote and map your products and services with their needs.

Euodias provides strategic services through the Decision phase by developing informative content and creating drip marketing campaigns to convert the opportunity into a customer.
Euodias provides services that evaluate and improve your Website, create thematic User Experience and enable E-commerce for your site.

Euodias runs Brand Loyalty and Customer Retention programs through enhanced customer engagement, Newsletter campaigns, Customer reviews and Support programs. Through Brand Reputation Management, Euodias not only helps develop your reputation, but steers your reputation from negativity through to positivity.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO professionals at Euodias bring to the table decades of experience working with executive leaderships of several companies across various verticals, and with many evolutionary tools in the industry.

The Euodias approach is blended with your organisation mission and vision statements, to promote the brand and improve the rankings in alignment with the organisation’s overall goals.

Euodias offers Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) services for Competitor Analysis, Research and Identification of Keywords, improvement of your Site Structure for better Crawling, optimisation of your Webpages, Content titles and Link Building for an effective on-page and off-page SEO, and much more.

Social Media Marketing

With the exponential potential of social media platforms for customer engagement, Social Media Marketing is an ever growing marketing tool to promote your brand and increase visibility across diverse platforms.

Euodias team of social media gurus offer creative campaign services to help promote your brand, products and services in a unique and captivating manner, across all Social Media platforms.

Euodias develops Campaigns and hashtags that are uniform yet customised for each Social Media platform in their own unique way to promote and engage potential and existing customers.

Pay Per Click Advertising

Pay Per Click, Social Media Advertising, Google Shopping Ads, Remarketing, Retargeting, Lead based marketing, Affiliate marketing and Mobile Advertising are some of the services provided by Euodias.

Euodias experts provide strategic keyword recommendations, catchy and effective copy writing, and performance reports to monitor the ROI and traffic trends.

Online Reputation Management

Euodias provides best online reputation management services (ORM) to turn negativity into positivity for your brands, products and services. Euodias offers services across Social media, mainstream media and Consumer generated media through Competitor Site Analysis, Press Releases, Customer Reviews, Forums and much more.

Euodias Brand reputation services work with you to ensure your reputation is continuously monitored and strategical initiatives are proposed to sustain and improve the reputation rankings.

ORM services helps increase the company reputation through special SEO strategies, removal of Negative links and Bad comments, gather feedback from current and past Customers and Business Reviews.

Content Marketing

Marketing specialists with Euodias bring their years of experience at creating and distributing valuable, relevant and consist content to attract and retain target audience and drive towards profitable action.

Euodias follows a content first – audience first approach in creating content that is built for your specific buyer personas, and also ensures it is aligned with the organisation growth path to create long term audience resulting in brand loyalty and monetary benefits.

Euodias creates well researched and creative ideas based content through Informative Videos, Press Releases and SEO driven content writing.